#013 @2007/03/03/SAT
Billie Holiday / I Only Have Eyes For You
荒井由実 / やさしさに包まれたなら(シングル・ヴァージョン)
Rufus Wainwright / April Fools
P J Harvey / Dress
Hole / Jennifer's Body
Toddle / Wanderlust
Whale / I Miss Me
Bob Mould / I Hate Alternative Rock
Veruca Salt / Seether
Puffy / 赤いブランコ
Damone / Feel Bad Vibe
The Muffs / Outer Space
Cloudberry Jam / Waiting For Another Day
Freda Payne / Cherish What Is Dear To You
Bjork / Alta Mira
Scissor Sisters / She's My Man
David Bowie / Modern Love
DJ ぽこ
Nena / 99 Red Balloons
Stars / Ageless Beauty
Silje / Tell Me Where You're Going
Jem / Just A Ride
Misty Oldland / A Fair Affair ( Jet'aime )
Belle and Sebastian / Lazy Line Painter Jane
Slowdive / Alison
The Low Frequency In Stereo / 21
安藤裕子 / 雨唄
Megan Reilly / Let Your Ghost Go
The Cranberries / You And Me
Catatonia / Karaoke Queen
Espiritu / Conquistador
Deee-Lite / Groove Is In The Heart
Eskobar / Someone New
中谷美紀 / クロニック・ラヴ
DJ にしまき
"Girls Bravo!! '80s new wave edition"
Antonio Vivaldi / Concerto in G
Siouxsie & the Banshees / Hong Kong Garden
Lene Lovich / Say When
Bow Wow Wow / Aphrodisiac
Altered Images / Happy Birthday
Romeo Void / Never Say Never
Toyah / Indecision
The Long Blondes / Lust in the Movies
Rachel Sweet / New Rose
Tracey Ullman / They Don’t Know
Bananarama / Robert De Niro’s Waiting
Haysi Fantayzee / Shiny Shiny
Virna Lindt / Attention Stockholm
Mari Wilson / Wonderful to be with You
ちわきまゆみ / Good Morninng I Love You
Sparks with Jane Wiedlin / Cool Places
Propaganda / Duel
Pretenders / Middle of the Road
Blondie / Living in the Real World
Bow Wow Wow / I Want Candy
DJ だいすけ
My Bloody Valentine / You Made Me Realised
Serena-Maneesh / Drain Cosmetics
The Reveonettes / That Great Love Sound
The Camera Obscure / Lloyd,I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken
The Pipettes / Pull Shapes
Luckey Soul / Ain't Never Been Cool
Love Is All / Busy Doing Nothing
Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Date With The Night
The Peaches / You Love It
Le Tigre / Nanny Nanny Boo Boo
Lily Allen / LDN
Charlotte Hatherey / I Want You To Know
The Apples In Stereo / Sunndal Song
Mumm-Ra / What Would Steve Do
Patrick Wolf / Accident & Emergency
Supercar / Strobolights
The Bluetones/ Hedd On A Spike
Idlewild / In Competition For The Worst Time
DJ フニコラーレ
The Breakways / That's How It Goes
Holger Hiller / Jonny du Lump
Franz Ferdinand&Jane Birkin / A Song For Sorry Angel
Serena Maneesh / Un-Deux
The Submarines / Peace And Hate
Girls At Our Best! / Fast Boyfriends
IVY / I Don't know Why I Love You
Duffy / London Girls
the magnetic fields / King
Chapterhouse / Pearl
CIBO MATTO / Know Your Chicken
OST / Les Demoiselles Des Rochefort
Candyflip / This Can Be Real
rosenbergs / paper and plastic
Lusious Jackson / Lady Finger
Iggy Pop / Lush For Life
Polyphonic Spree / Hanging Around The Day Part2
the bird and the bee / again & again
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