#017 @2007/11/17/SAT
Bob Dylan / Subterranean Homesick Blues
The Traveling Wilburys / Handle With Care
R.E.M. / Losing My Religion
Jason Falkner / NYC
Great 3 / G-Surf
ゆらゆら帝国 / できない
Clinic / Walking With Thee
Dr. Feelgood / She Does It Right
The ピーズ / ブリーチ
The Cro-Magnons / ギリギリガガンガン
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion / Wail
スチャダラパー / 南極物語
Tokyo No.1 Soul Set / クレイジークライマー
小沢健二 / さよならなんて云えないよ(美しさ)
Cornelius / (You Can't Always Get) What You Want
スピッツ / Na・de・Na・deボーイ
奥田民生 / 人の息子
DJ ぽこ
Aphex Twin / Hedphelym
The KLF / Wichita Lineman Was A Song I Once Heard
The Orb / Let the Music
One Dove / White Love
Deep Forest / Sweet Lullaby
Mike Oldfield / Sentinel
Enigma / Return To Innocence
Mylo / Need You Tonite
the(EC) nudes / Radio
Primal Scream / Kowaiski
The Warlocks / We Need Star Power
The Icarus Line / Up Against The Wall Motherfuckers
Celestial / Brighton Girls
Fog / We Will Have Vanished
DJ にしまき
Y.M.O. / Technopolis
Blondie / Heart Of Glass
The Human League / Don’t You Want Me
Heaven 17 / We Live So Fast
China Crisis / Hanna Hanna
Depeche Mode / New Life
Devo / Gates Of Steel
B-52's / 52Girls
Plastics / Good
P-Model / 美術館で会った人だろ
ジューシー・フルーツ / ジェニーはご機嫌ななめ
Perfume / ポリリズム
Sparks / The No.1 Song In Heaven
Gary Numan / We Are Glass
Kraftwerk / 電卓
岡村靖幸 / はっきりもっと勇敢になって
DJ フニコラーレ
The Komaba Squad featuring Kenji Jammar / Keep On Rising
The Avalanches / Since I Left You
Los Campesinos! / We Throw Parties,You Throw Knives
Fountains Of Wayne / Sink To The Bottom
Bardie / Such A Sound
Gene / Haunted By You
Towa Tei featuring Tycoon Tosh&Buffalo Daughter / My Sharona
Russian Futurists / Let's Get Ready To Crumble
Mari Wilson / Ecstasy
Doves / Black And White Town
Spice Girls / Stop
Menswear / Public Image
Animal Collective / Strawberry Jam
The Submarines / Peace&Hate
The Stone Roses / She Bangs The Drums
Inspiral Carpets/ This Is How It Feels
OST / Chanson des Jumelles from“Les Demoiselles De Rochefort”
DJ だいすけ
The Rolling Stones / Sympathy For The Devil
Zoobombs / Doo-Bee
Cato Salsa Experience / So, The Circus Is Back In Town
The Hives / Tick Tick Boom
The Mooney Suzuki / Electric Sweat
Mazarine Street / Zoo Bomb
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant / Candy House
Thee Headcoats / Every Bit Of Me
The Damned / New Rose
The Clash / London Calling
Had-Fi / Television
Super Furry Animals / Show Your Hands
Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew / Backed Out On The...
Dinosaur.Jr / Freak Scene
The Cure / Friday,I'm In Love
U2 / Sunday Bloody Sunday
New Order / Temptation
Bjork / Hyperballad
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