#EXTRA @2007/06/16/SAT
DJ フニコラーレ-1st
Eighth Wonder / Stay With Me
Au Revoir Simone / Hurricanes
The Like / What I Say What I Mean
Bis / Action And Drama
April March / Mignonette
Charlotte Hatherley / Bastardo
Django Reinhardt / Minor Swing
Steely Dan / Green Earrings
Jackie Mittoo / Get Up And Get It
Al Kooper / Where Were You When I Needed You
小坂忠 / しらけちまうぜ
Donny Hathaway / Flying Easy
Farofa Carioca / Moro No Brasil
Pedro Luis E A Parede / Pena De Vida
Original Love / ホモ・エレクトス
The Millennium / I'm With You
Blur / To The End
Gomez / Shot Shot
Christina Aguilera / Candyman
Brian Setzer / Gettin' In The Mood
The Boo Radleys / Wake Up Boo!
DJ にしまき-1st
The Beatles / Birthday
Elvis Presley / Rock A Hula Baby
The Beach Boys / I Get Around
OST / Modesty Blaise Theme (Instrumental)
Bananarama / Cruel Summer
Weekend / Summer Days
The Pipettes / Your Kisses Wasted On Me
Elvis Costello / The Imposter
The Who / Summertime Blues
Siouxsie & The Banshees / Kiss Them For Me
DJ カワシマン
Blur / For Tomorrow
Disitalism / Pogo
Yappa / Again With The Subtitles
Super Furry Animals / Juxpozet With U
くるり / Jubilee
Joy Dynalane / One In A Million
Cornelius / Drop
Deerhoof / The Perfect Me
Feeder / Buck Rogers
Mika / Love Today
Simple Kid / Starting At The Sun
The Zombies / Sticks & Stones
Tracey Ullman / Breakaway
スーパーカー / Fairway
DJ だいすけ
Wannadise / You And Me Song
Farrah / Terry
The Holloways / Generator
Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs / Kids Are Arlight
Small Faces / Sha La La La Lee
Beatles / Please Mr. Postman
Hollies / Time Machine Jive
Supremse / My World Is Empty Without You
Jakson 5 / I want you back
Junior Senior / Move Your Feat
The Jam / Town Called Malice
Ordinary Boys / Talk Talk Talk
Libertines / Boys In The Band
The View / Same Jeans
Fountains Of Wayne / Someone To Love
Manic Street Preachers / Your Love Alone Is Not Enough
DJ フニコラーレ-2nd
The Ramones / Do You Remember Rock'n Roll Radio?
The Hives / Main Offender
The Smashing Pumpkins / The Everlasting Gaze
The Ride / Vapour Trail
Death Cab For Cutie / Sound Of Settling
Her Space Holiday / Forever And A Day
The Times / Manchester
DJ ぽこ
Joe Jackson / Stranger Than Fiction
Weezer / Sarf Wax America
Dinosaur Jr. / The Wagon
The Thrills / One Horse Town
Jimmy Eat World / Sweetness
Ed Harcourt / Revolution In The Heart
The Tyde / Strangers Again
The Crescent. / On The Run
Spymob / 2040
L.E.O. / Make Me
Pulp / The Night that Minnie Timperley Died
The Cooper Temple Clause / Let's Kill Music
Covenant / The Men
DJ にしまき-2nd
Natasha Bedingfield / I Wanna Have Your Baby
The Bishops / Breakaways
Noisettes / Don’t Give Up
Dalek I Love You / The Mouse That Roared
Lady Sovereign / Public Warning
Flyleaf / I’m So Sick
Morphine / Murder For The Money
Motorettes / Super Heartbeats
Julian Cope / Trampolene
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